I wish I could weave my words,
Into a tapestry,
Decorating your wall,
With a visual representation of how I feel when I’m with you.

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I can’t wait until distance doesn’t matter,
Miles don’t exist.
I want you to always be close enough,
That I never miss you.

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Those eyes,
Like honey made by the worlds best bees,
Are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

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I wear my heart on my sleeve,
And every time you touch me,
I can feel it crawling further down my arm,
And eventually it’s going to crawl into your hands.

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Naked Tree

My soul is restless tonight,
Shaking like a naked tree,
In the winter.
Probably because there’s cold left over in my bones,
From the last time we said goodbye.

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Words refusing to crawl out of my finger tips,
And on to the keyboard,
Like spiders,
Invading the keys,
The way you’ve invaded my mind.

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I can’t tell you,
I’ve got holes in my soul,
The size of canyons,
because it’s not fair of me to expect you to fill them up,
But my god,
What I’d do to hear the sound of your voice echoing through them.

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Every word

Most of the time I feel like a one hit wonder.
Most of the time I am.
But you listen to the whole album,
Every song,
Every lyric,
Every word.

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