I want to weather the storm,
That is swirling in you mind,
Because I can see the lightening in your eyes,
And I can feel the thunder in every heart beat.

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Sometimes I wish I could stop loving you, The way my feelings have faded for others, Like the sight of your car disappearing down the street After another too-short visit. I feel like I’ve loved you for years, Despite the calendar screaming, “It’s only been a few months.” Sometimes I wish I could separate the […]

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I started running.
Running from my problems,
Running from my passions,
Running straight toward the edge of a cliff.

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I wish you could sing me to sleep.
Slow breaths mingling with your heartbeat,
Composing the most beautiful lullaby
That’s ever been whispered in my ear.

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I laid my head on his chest this morning.
It was startling how uncomfortable it was,
How nothing fit the way I thought it would.
I longed for your heartbeat in my ear instead…

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I want to explore you.
I want to conquer your body the way climbers conquer Everest.
I want to taste the crevice where your arm meets your shoulder,
Run my hands through the valleys of your stomach,
Your hips guiding them down like signposts that say, “touch me.”

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Good days were the ones I couldn’t remember,
Waking up next to a body I didn’t know,
Drinking whiskey like coffee.

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I know I’ll probably drown but I don’t care.
The excitement of seeing the strange fish that live at the bottom of the world,
Far outweighs the fear that I may never come back for air.

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