Waking up next to you,
Sunbeams from my window,
Illuminating your face,
Illuminating my faith.

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Say you’ll stay beside me.
the way no one else has.
Say you’ll hold me,
When the night seems never ending.

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I’ll never forget the way you smiled,
When you kissed me.
Like a wave of happiness just crashed into your body.
I wanna be that wave every day,
Crashing into you.

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One Sided

I want to curl up on the couch with you,
And watch all your favorite movies,
Because I love the way you love them.
I want our memories to be the most beautiful things you’ve ever watched.

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I want to weather the storm,
That is swirling in you mind,
Because I can see the lightening in your eyes,
And I can feel the thunder in every heart beat.

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