The first time that you kissed me,

You kissed me like you’d just gotten back from war.

Hand on the back of my head,

Fingers tangled up in my hair,

Electricity coursing through our bodies,

Like we just closed a circuit,

That had been left open for so long.

I’ve been waiting for you to light up my life,

Bring power to my existence.

Power that propels me forward into a future with you.

I don’t know what the battlefields of your past looks like.

Probably littered with tattered hearts,

And landmines.

But I’m here to clean them up.

Sew your heart back together,

Like I’m adding a patch to your uniform.

I can’t give you a Purple Heart,

But I can give you mine.

I hope you’ll keep holding it,

After we have to say goodbye.

I can’t wait until distance doesn’t matter,

Miles don’t exist.

I want you to always be close enough,

That I never miss you.

I want the only battles you see,

To be the ones we face together.

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