Smile at me again,

I wanna see it reach your eyes,

Those eyes,

Like honey made by the worlds best bees,

Are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

Those bees should proud,

But I’m not sure bees feel those things.

But my god,

I do.

I’m buzzing with so many feelings,

Constantly moving through my soul.

And sometimes they sting,

Like I’ve awakened a hive,

And they’ve set sights on my heart,

Ready to puncture it with stingers,

After the first wrong move.

Sometimes I feel like the only moves I make,

Are wrong ones.

And some days my wings feel broken,

Tattered by the elements,

Until I’m flying crooked.

But you always seem to right me.

I feel transformed,

When I talk to you.

Like a caterpillar bursting out of a cocoon,

New beautiful wings,

To carry me toward bigger dreams,

And yet sometimes I find myself worrying,

That someday,

You’ll crush me beneath your sneaker,

The way so many others have before.

But then I remember the bees,

The way they’re dying,

The way they keep fighting,

Keep pollinating flowers,

And blessing us with beauty.

And no matter what happens,

No matter how much it stings,

I will never not think you’re a blessing.

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