I want to introduce you to a world you’ve never known,

Love you’ve never experienced.

I want to feel you tremble,

While I trace every inch of your skin,

With my finger tips,

Mapping my route,

To your main destination.

Taking you on the journey of a lifetime,

With my lips.

I want to move with you,

Gently crashing into you,

Hips touching hips,

The way the waves kiss the beach.

I want to hear you breath,

Like you’ve climbed Everest,

After I’ve taken you over the edge.

And I want to leave you speechless,

Like you would be seeing the great wonders of the world.

I want to be one of those wonders.

Explore me like you would a city,

you’ve never been to,

Or a landscape you can’t get enough of.

Climb every hill,

And discover every valley.

I want my taste to linger on your lips,

And the feeling of my legs wrapped around you,

To be etched in your memory forever.

I want to be you’re best adventure.

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