Everything about you is too good to be true,

From the oceans in your eyes,

To the shine of your smile.

And yet,

I’m hypnotized.

I wear my heart on my sleeve,

And every time you touch me,

I can feel it crawling further down my arm,

And eventually it’s going to crawl into your hands.

Those hands that touch me so gently,

Like silk against my skin.

I hope they’re like silk,

When my heart lands in them.

I hope it lands softly,

And you handle it with care.

Like a fragile package,

Making its way to its destination.

The way you were delivered to me,

Like the most handsome gift I’ve ever seen.

I want to unwrap you,

And hold you close to me,

The way a little girl holds the teddy bear,

that’s been hiding under the Christmas tree.

Maybe this year,

I won’t hate Christmas so much.

Maybe I’ll find my faith,

In the lights,

And hope,

In your arms.

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