Naked Tree

My soul is restless tonight,

Shaking like a naked tree,

In the winter.

Probably because there’s cold left over in my bones,

From the last time we said goodbye.

It wasn’t a sweet goodbye,

It was hollow and aching.

Like my stomach,

Starving for love.

You always left me hungry,

Wanting more.

It was cruel,

The way you promised me forever,

Only to riddle my soul with bullet holes.

It was like you waged war on the world,

And my chest was your first target.

And yet,

My heart kept beating for you,

Kept pushing blood through my veins for you.

And I forgave you,

But you never said “I’m sorry.”

You’ve never said, “I’m sorry.”

All I wanted was an apology,

For the way you lied to me,

For the way you kissed me,

like you meant it,

Deep down,

I know you meant it.

That’s what made it the hardest,

Knowing you meant it,

Knowing you loved me,

But you were too afraid to walk away from what seemed safe,

So you destroyed us both.

And every time you come back,

You’re like an asteroid,

Slamming into my world.

Shaking me to my soul.

Like a naked tree,

In the winter.

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