Every word

You make me feel heard,

Like an overplayed song on the radio.

I’m not sure why,

You’re still mesmerized by my voice.

But you play me on repeat,

Listening to the stories I tell,

Over and over again.

Most of the time I feel like a one hit wonder.

Most of the time I am.

But you listen to the whole album,

Every song,

Every lyric,

Every word.

Memorizing moments in time,

That most men would easily forget.

I hope you never forget me.

I hope my voice carries through your life,

And I hope you smile every time you hear it,

The way I do when you say “hello,”

On the other end of the phone.

You know,

I don’t even like phone calls.

Yours are the only ones I answer,

Because you’re so easy to talk to.

Because I crave the sound of your laugh,

A melody that’s become a regular part of my day.

And I hope this song never skips,

The way my heart does when I think of you.

I want your voice to be the one I hear,

When the world is against me,

Telling me I can make it another day.

Because every time I hear your ringtone,

I’m filled with a little more hope.

And I know it’s silly,

To fall for the voice in my headphones,

But I want to make music with you.

I want your hands to play my strings,

While I harmonize,

And sing your name.

I want the sounds of your breath,

To form the beat,

And the sweet whispers,

To write the hook.

I wanna practice our song over and over again,

During rehearsals where it’s just skin on skin.

And we can play it on repeat,

The whole album,

Every lyric,

Every word.

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