Today I saw two butterflies,

Dancing on the currents of the wind,

They way we danced in your living room.

For once I felt free,

Like a butterfly,

Instead of chained to my life,

Like a dog who never gets to go inside.

I want to let you inside,

Give you glimpse into my mind,

But I can’t.

I can’t let you see the barrage of thoughts,

That fill my soul with bullet holes.

Some days I feel like I’ll make it,

But most days I feel like I’m bleeding out,

And there’s no one there to save me.

Don’t get me wrong,

I don’t need you to be my hero.

That’s too much to ask.

I try not to depend on other people for happiness.

I know I’ve got to stand on my own,

But please hold my hand.

Squeeze it,

When you know I’m sinking deeper.

Let me know you’re still beside me,

When I’m blinded by heavy fire.

Let me know you still think I’m beautiful,

Even when my soul is tattered,

And my heart is tired.

Walk with me until someday I’m free,

Like a butterfly soaring in the wind.

And know that if you get tired,

And you have to leave,

I hope you have the most beautiful wings.

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