I’ll never forget the way you smiled,

When you kissed me.

Like a wave of happiness just crashed into your body.

I wanna be that wave every day,

Crashing into you.

I want you to look at me,

The way someone looks at the ocean,

When they see it for the very first time.

Because for the very first time,

In a very long time,

I’m love drunk,

And optimistic.

I’ve been hiding in the safety of low tide,

But now that waters coming toward me,

And instead of running the other way,

I want to run into it.

I want to feel water envelope my body,

The way you wrapped me up in your arms.

Maybe I’ll drown.

Or maybe you’ll save me.

You’ve already seen my heart on my sleeve,

And you put it in your chest pocket,

For safe keeping.

Maybe this swim,

Won’t leave me choking on water,

Tears streaming from my face,

Wondering how long it’s going to take,

To not feel like I’m dying.

Because when the waves come so hard,

So fast,

I struggle to keep my head above water.

For the love of God,

Don’t let me drown,

Unless it’s in the vastness of your soul.

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