Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star the other night,

And I wished for you.

For a day in bed with you,


Leg draped over you,

I want to write symphonies,

With your heart beat,

And the way that you breath.

Because that sound,

Is more beautiful than strings.

I want to kiss you,

Until the sun hides behind the horizon.

I want to fall asleep,

In the warmth of your arms,

To the sounds that only come with being in the middle of nowhere.

I want to wake up next to you,

Your body wrapped around me,

Until our limbs are so tangled,

That we don’t know who’s is who’s.

And once we’ve sorted that out,

I want to make breakfast with you.

Dancing around the kitchen,

To your ridiculous playlist.

I want those songs to weave our future,

So you’ll smile every time you hear them,

Because you’ll remember the way I laughed,

And the way I looked at you,

When you sang along.

And you’ll know,

That even when you were off key,

I still loved you.

Because I want to love you.

I want to take my heart out of my chest,

And hand it to you in a gift box,

Because I trust you to hold it,

Like the most beautiful present you’ve ever gotten,

Despite it being a little bit damaged.

Because it’s the only thing I can give you.

I want to spend my evenings looking at the sky with you,

Curled up on a blanket it the grass,

Making wishes together.

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