Stand up straight.


The way you were meant to be.

It’s just me.

Just the girl who scares you,

When few things scare you,

Because let’s be honest,

You’re over 6’6,

And not easily intimidated.

Except by me.

And I know you don’t like you.

Guarded and shivering,

But I do.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been asked to dance at a wedding.

I haven’t,

But I’d ask you.

Dance with me here,

In the kitchen of your apartment.

To the music we grew up with.

Hold my body close,

Pressed against you,

Until we’re both just heat.

Warm at first,

Getting hotter.

Dance with me,

Into the living room.

Where our jeans shimmy off our hips,

Landing in a pile on the floor.

Sit down on the couch,


While my lips waltz up and down your body.

Until I crawl into your lap,

And show you what my hips can do.

Move with me,

I want to feel the rhythm deep inside me.

I want to feel your strength,

And I want to be your weakness.

I want to be the thing that can build you high,

And see your dropping to your knees,

Begging for a taste of me.

Stand up straight.


Hold me like we’re meant to be.

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