I smell like you,
Like us.
It’s recognizable,
Like the first spring rain,
Washing winter away.
I feel like maybe I’m thawing out,
After months of being cold.
Like a flower,
Lying dormant,
Feeling the sun for the first time,
Since summer ended.
Kiss me again,
Warm up my frostbitten lips,
Send heat waves through my body,
Until there’s a flood between my thighs.
I want to feel your heartbeat,
Pounding against my skin,
Like thunder crashing through the sky.
You struck me like lighting,
Sending tingles down my spine,
With every brush of your lips against my neck.
And every touch of your fingertips across my chest.
Touch me again,
Until I’m hot like summertime,
Begging for your rainstorm.

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