I still leave the door unlocked for you,
Even though I know,
Deep down,
You’ll never walk through it.
But I still leave it unlocked,
With the hope that one day,
You’ll decide to turn the knob,
Just to see if I left it unlocked.
Just to see if I kept my promise to forgive you.
I worked hard,
To keep every promise I ever made you,
Even though you broke yours so easily.
And even though I know you’re not coming,
Because it’s been weeks,
More often than not,
I find myself staring out the window at 4:30 pm,
Praying I’ll see your shitty SUV,
Parking on the side of my street.
I’m moving soon.
I hope you remember my phone number.
Because I promised you could always call,
But it never rings.
I hope you found peace,
I hope you’re happy,
I hope you’re sober.
I hope your kissing your babies every night,
Without the taste of Coors on your lips.
I hope you know you’re forgiven.
I hope you know that the door is open.
That I’m waiting to hold you.
That I’m waiting.
For you.

3 thoughts on “Unlocked

  1. Absolutely beautiful with an underlying current of the deep-rooted sorrow only heartbreak can bring.
    Every line was so eloquent and held so much meaning and I simply loved the metaphor you based the poem on. ❤
    They say that pain can create the most beautiful art and evidence is right here…
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

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