Bungie Jumping

I wrote this on a few hours of sleep. It’s not very good, but I figured I’d post it anyway.

Bungie jumping,

Falling too fast.

The cord snaps,

This is your fault.

You’re the reason I stepped off the edge.

The reason I’m heading toward the ground,

Faster than my heart is beating,

Which is pretty fucking fast.

Because it always beats faster when I think of you.

And it’s you I’m thinking of.

Laying awake at four in the morning,

Digging through my mind,

Trying to find the right words to describe the way I’m feeling.




When I’m with you,

I think you feel it too.

But I’m not with you often enough.

And yet I don’t think  I can ask for more,

Out of the fear of seeming overeager.

But baby I’m headed toward the ground, and we both know I’m a writer who says too much,

But this time just three words make up my last:

Break my fall?

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