I want you to rock my body,

The way an earthquake would rock the earth,

If every single tectonic plate moved at once.

Map out fault lines on my skin with your finger tips.

Make my body shake,

With every thrust of your hips.

Move like the waters of a flood,

Rushing down a river bed,

Waves crashing into me.

I want the thunder of your heartbeat,

against my chest,

And electricity of your lips,

On my mouth.

Your breath,

The moans escaping your throat,

Swirling around me like a twister.

I’d let you destroy me,

If it meant getting to know every one of your seasons.

I want to breath in your springtime.

I want your summer to make me sweat,

The beauty of your autumn to leave me speechless.

I want to find warmth in your winter,

Crawling into the curve of your body,

And finding home in the heat radiating off your skin,

Like laying next to a fire place.

I know if I got too close,

You could burn me,

But I would weather it all for you.

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