Anatomy of him

Eyes like the sea,
Calm until the wind blows,
I wish I could swim in them.
Run down the beach,
Tear off my clothes,
And sink into their warmth.

Hands like sandpaper,
Touching me like a project,
That’s slowly coming together.
Tracing shapes on my skin,
Carving memories into my body.
The most beautiful kind of scars.

Soul cracked like a windshield.
But still so important.
Searching for somewhere safe.
Somewhere to be repaired.
Let me help you fix it.

Heart like a crowded house,
So many people,
So little room.
I have to squeeze into the smallest corner,
In the basement.
Pull my knees to my body,
To stay warm.
And though I get cold,
And lonely sometimes,
This is home.

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