The First Kiss

At First Sight

The First Date

“Are you going to kiss me or what?” She asked, turning toward him. His face was shadowed, except for where the street lights forced away the darkness.

He laughed and although he was a few feet away, she could feel his racing heart in her own chest.

“I guess so,” He said, laughing again nervously as he leaned toward her.

She felt his lips on hers and forgot about the way the center console was pushing into her ribcage. Forgot about the way her heart felt like it could explode. Forgot the fear of being seen in the dimly lit parking lot. She could only remember the way she felt the first time she saw him, and even that was fading as heat coursed through her veins when the palm of his hand found her cheek.

“You should go,” She said, panicking. “I mean, I should go.”

She reached for car door, trying to find the handle. Why was every damn door different and why were they all impossible to open the dark? The hinges squealed as the door swung open and she hopped out of the truck.

“Thanks for hanging out with me,” She said, trying to sound collected as she leaned back in and looked at him.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”

“Hope so,” She said as the door shut and she walked to her own car.

With the key in the ignition, she waited for the dome light to turn off before throwing her head back against the seat and sighing.

“What the fuck was that?”

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