Maybe it’s the competitive side of me,

Maybe it’s the selfish corner of my soul,

Or my inner-narcissist,

But I want to love you better.

Better than anyone else could ever dream of loving you.

I want to love you so well,

You forget about the ones before me,

And can’t fathom any after me.

I want to satisfy every craving you’ve been left with,

Kiss you until my taste permanently lingers on your lips.

I wanna send shivers down your spine,

Cover your body in goosebumps with a single touch.

I want the sound of my voice whispering your name,

To find the front of your mind when you can’t sleep.

I wanna be your final thought every night,

And your first every morning.

I wanna be the reason your lips part into a smile,

The reason laughter leaves your throat,

The reason you’ve find joy.

I’ve found happy along this path we’re walking.

I’ve found fresh air,

Deep breaths,

And more questions than answers.

I’ve found signs pointing in opposite directions,

“Where life was supposed to go,”

“Where life could go,”

I wanna love you so well you choose the second road.

But how do you know?

I wanna love you so well that you know.

That we know.

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