I wish you could sing me to sleep.
Slow breaths mingling with your heartbeat,
Composing the most beautiful lullaby
That’s ever been whispered in my ear.
I can see your face when I close my eyes,
Lips wrapped around a crooked smile,
Above a jawline so perfect that God must have carved it Himself.
I pray He’ll bring me dreams of you walking toward me,
Ready to hug me,
And smother me with weeks worth of kisses,
That I’ve been missing out on.
Dreams where it’s just us in a cabin in the mountains,
Looking out over forests from a deck carved from trees that once stood there.
Dreams where we’re dancing,
Where we’re badly singing along to the best of the worst songs,
Of our teenage years.
Dreams where we’re naked in bed,
Tangled up in sheets,
Moonlight caressing your face,
While my lips kiss your body.
Sometimes they’re so vivid I can taste you,
Smell you.
And I’m smiling when I wake up,
Until I roll over and realize the bed is empty.
And you’re still 120 miles away from home,
And weeks away from your place in my arms.

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