I laid my head on his chest this morning.
It was startling how uncomfortable it was,
How nothing fit the way I thought it would.
I longed for your heartbeat in my ear instead,
Realizing that this whole time I’ve been complaining
About you pushing me out of my comfort zone.
But maybe,
Maybe you’ve been pulling me into it.
Strong arms bringing me into a body
Whose curves and lines embrace mine,
Like puzzle pieces locking together.
That’s cliche,
But I suppose we are too.
Forbidden love,
Secrets and lies.
Deep conversations,
And moments when your mouth is too full of me to speak,
When I’m too full of you to even think.
I love that you have the power to make my mind go blank.
The power to make my heart beat faster,
My lungs work harder,
My legs shake.
The power to make me clench my fists around handfuls of bed sheets,
And bite my lip.
I love the way you get tangled up with me,
In a cyclone of kisses and shared dreams.

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