Is it okay to be broken?
Will you pick up my pieces?
Will you put me back together?
Fix me with duct tape and superglue,
Carefully lining up every scar.
Run your thumbs over the tiny patches of unscathed skin,
And beg me not to break them.
Sometimes I feel like Humpty Dumpty,
Only instead of falling off a wall,
I fell off the wagon and into a pile of razor blades.
I wish I could explain why I crave pain,
Why I’m hungry for chaos.
Why I split skin and push boundaries,
Breaking rules,
Just to see who stays.
Can you fall in love with my sharp edges?
Can you still see me as beautiful,
When I’m naked in bed,
Scars like tributaries running across my body,
Leading to a heart full of rapids,
That seem to be nearly impossible to navigate.
Can you still kiss my cheeks,
When they’re stained from tears,
Or hot from anger?
Can you still hold my hands,
When they’re unsure and shaking?
Can you support my body,
When I’m tired and empty?
Can you get me through another day?
Help me define “recovery.”
Help me celebrate small victories,
And help me cope with failure.
Hold my broken pieces together in the safety of your arms,
Let me find a reason to heal in the depths of your heart.
I can’t promise you that loving me is worth your time,
But I swear to God I will try.

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