I wasn’t sure about posting this. It’s a little different then what I usually write, but what the hell, I guess.

The mattress creaks,
Giving way to my weight,
While I give to yours.
You’re going for a takedown,
Heavy hips against me,
Hands on my wrists,
Forcing my body to give you everything you want.
I want to give you everything you want.
Pull me closer,
Bend my body in every direction,
I want to be wrapped up in you,
A tangled mess of limbs,
I can feel your heartbeat against my chest,
Lips on my neck.
A thigh against your side,
Calf resting on your back,
Squeezing until there’s a reversal.
Hands on your chest,
You’re pinned.
Eyes finding mine,
As your hands travel to my waist,
And pull me sideways.
Forcing me over,
Proving that you will always dominate.
Palms on my hips,
Guiding them toward you.
You create a rhythm with your body,
A melody forming from the sounds of our breath,
And the shifting of fabric sheets when you move.
Roll your hips into me,
Pushing farther,
A tango that pushes me to my limits.
Callused hands tighten,
Fingernails finding my skin,
Pulling me closer,
As you get closer,
As we get closer.

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