I used to be dazed and wasted,
Stumbling and slurring my way through every day,
Praying maybe this last bottle would be the one that made my liver cry until it quit working.
Good days were the ones I couldn’t remember,
Waking up next to a body I didn’t know,
Drinking whiskey like coffee.
Another bottle gone,
Another trip to the liquor store,
Another dollar slid across the counter to a tired face who didn’t think I was out of place at 10 am.
But I quit drinking when I met you.
Kisses like bourbon against my lips.
I realized being sober wasn’t so hard when I was intoxicated by your body.
Skin smoother than cognac,
I couldn’t stop craving you,
Wondering how you’d taste.
And the first time my lips touched your neck,
I learned what “love drunk” meant.


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