The Little Things

When the world is falling apart,
Fault lines forming scars on your arms,
Focus on the little things, he said.
The tiny pieces of a bigger puzzle.
Like getting all green lights on the way home,
And seeing a baby bunny in your yard when you get there.
Like a hand on your shoulder,
Steadying your soul while your body shakes.
Grounding a heart that so badly wants to escape,
A heart that only knows pain,
And couldn’t care less about a bigger picture.
Think about the sunset you saw the day before,
The way rays of light split through the clouds.
You thought to yourself, “That’s what heaven looks like.”
Only a god could have painted that.
A god that’s easy to forget about when your life is going to hell in a handbasket.
Remember the way you use to run in the pasture as a little girl,
Chasing bumble bees.
When you shared a common love for wild flowers.
That was before you knew they could sting.
And your not chasing bumble bees anymore,
But the affections of boys with black curls and tired eyes.
This time you know full well of their predisposition to push a barb through your heart when they’re threatened.
But your still gazing on those hazel eyes,
like a field made up of every color.
That’s called progress, I think,
Or maybe insanity.
Either way you’re letting yourself love,
And we all know how love can raise our souls out of the dark,
Even just briefly.
Ten minutes of light is better than nothing,
Only a little,
But still worth basking in.
Close your eyes and focus on the way his palm feels against yours,
The way his calloused fingers feel wiping tears off your cheeks.
The sensation of whispered words kissing your ears when he hugs you.
Focus on the taste of Ben and Jerry’s,
and the sound of a shutter closing.
Focus on that feeling you get when you find a dollar in your pocket,
And put more dollars in your pockets so you can find them again,
While you’re searching for yourself.
Focus on the fact that you’re alive,
Because your life may seem insignificant in the scheme of things,
But it’s those little things that keep the universe going.

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