Stuck in the mud

When I think of you,
My head is filled with the sound of spinning tires.
The wheels are turning,
But I feel like I’m getting nowhere.
The most I’ve accomplished is splattering mud all over,
Dirtying a perfect landscape unnecessarily.
I’m not really surprised,
Making a mess of things is what I’m the best at.
I’m sorry for messing you up,
The way a child ruins a white t-shirt minutes after putting it on.
Sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve,
Most times I just shove it down your throat.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions,
And my intentions are great.
Maybe I’ll get to hell that much faster,
Maybe I’m already there.
Maybe the road isn’t paved at all,
And that’s why I’m stuck.
We’re stuck.
I took you for a drive you didn’t want to go on,
And now you’re trapped here with me,
Praying for a tow truck.

via Daily Prompt: Wheel

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