Close your eyes and picture the ocean.
You washed over me like a wave,
Your breath caressing my neck like sea air.
I want to explore you,
Like a collector looking for shells.
I want to know the depths of your soul,
Dive deep inside you.
I know I’ll probably drown but I don’t care.
The excitement of seeing the strange fish that live at the bottom of the world,
Far outweighs the fear that I may never come back for air.
At least I’d die looking at the most beautiful thing the universe has to offer me.
I’d die knowing I didn’t turn down an adventure.
I’d die knowing I tried.
Let me try.
Let me love you.
Let your fear of drowning float hundreds of miles away,
Until it’s lost at sea.
Let me show you a coral reef,
So easily broken but so beautiful.
Let me be your oxygen,
When you can’t breath,
And let me be your life preserver,
When you’re tired of keeping your head above water.
Let me be the stars that guide you home at night.
You don’t have to conquer the ocean alone,
I’m right here.
I’m right here.
Totally exposed.
Laying naked on the beach,
As the tide rises and your love washes over me,
Salt burning the cuts on the bottoms of my feet,
Seaweed wrapping itself around my ankles,
Pulling me toward the edge of the beach.
I’d let you sweep me away,
So what if I can’t swim?
I wish I knew what to say to convince you that it doesn’t matter.
I’ll never win an olympic medal,
But I can tread water.
You don’t have to find someone else to pull under,
I promise I’m what you need.
Just open your eyes and look at me.

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