Space Between Stars

Do you think the stars ever get lonely?
They look so close together,
But they’re not.
They’re light years apart,
Floating in the dark and watching people on earth fall in and out of love,
The way waves go up and down the beach when the moon changes the tide.
I wonder if they saw us.
I wonder if there’s a star up there somewhere,
Mourning what we could have been.
It was watching us like a reality tv show,
Rooting for us.
Yelling at the screen the way you do during horror movies.
Maybe things would have been different if we would have heard it.
You don’t hear much of anything when you’re in love.
Not the stars,
Not your brain when it’s trying to tell you to get away while you can,
Before it kills you.
When it’s trying to tell you to brace yourself for an explosion that could give a star’s death a run for it’s money.
I feel the way the moon would if all the stars died,
Like I’m stuck in an endless sea of dark,
Floating out of my control,
Begging the sun to light up the path in front of my eyes.
But the suns too busy keeping the rest of the planet alive,
And I’m reminded that my heartbreak is insignificant.
I’m insignificant.
You’re insignificant,
Which seems insane, because for so long you felt like my whole world.
A world that was destroyed by a rogue meteor,
An impact so hard it made my heart stop for a minute,
But just a minute,
Because in the scheme of things we’re insignificant,
And my heart knows it has to keep going.
Even if it’s floating aimlessly toward a black hole that’s going to devour me.
As I sink into the darkness,
As my body warps and bends,
I’ll remember the way we fit together without much effort.
While the pull of the moon rips me one way,
And the atmosphere of a planet drags me the other,
I’ll remember the way you moved my soul,
The way you launched my heart into the sky like a rocket.
The way you promised we could kiss the sun together,
Because it was the only thing that could come close to describing the fires we lit in each other.
For a second, maybe the sun would be less lonely.


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