I quit drinking coffee,
But I missed the warmth as it crawled down my throat and into my stomach,
Which is why I started drinking whiskey.
I like the way it burns,
And the way it kills me.
I take drags of cigarettes I thought I’d given up,
Close my eyes and concentrate on the way the smoke eats my lungs,
Destroying me the way that you did.
I’d heard the words “Love sick,”
But never believed a thing like love could make me sick,
Until I met you.
Now I’m sitting on the edge of the bathtub,
Watching the blood fall from my body,
I don’t remember hurting myself but I must have,
Because you said you’d never hurt me.
In a way the crimson spots on the white tile are beautiful.
You used to tell me I was the most beautiful girl you’d ever seen,
You probably told her the same thing.
I understand why you decided she was worth lying to my face,
She’s fascinating.
Clearly she’s never been hurt by someone like you.
When it’s all over she’s gonna be ruined.
She be left sitting at the bar,
Staring at the bottles and trying to pick her poison.
She can’t cope,
Because with you she grew too used to toxicity.
And simple drinks like coffee don’t cut it anymore.

Written 5-28-2017

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