As a woman, I feel like I’m told “Don’t eat that,” a lot. But sometimes you get these cravings that you can’t satisfy with a healthier option. So you’re left hungry, Until you finally give in and take a bite of the thing that is off limits. Twice, I craved you. Twice, I fell in […]

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I know I’ll probably drown but I don’t care.
The excitement of seeing the strange fish that live at the bottom of the world,
Far outweighs the fear that I may never come back for air.

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Isn’t it silly, the way we cover ourselves in armor,
The way we carry shields across our hearts,
The way we expect our lovers to turn into enemies,
Instead of just promising each other not to take that first swing.

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Someone opened the door to my darkroom,
Streams of light attacking the film I’d been so carefully preparing.
As I stared at ruined strips of plastic it hit me,
You and I were like a photograph.

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